Panning a Pan Cam with Wyze App

Two things I just figured out by accident, that probably everyone else in the world already knew. But the first is that you can scroll the time scale in playback in landscape mode. But more importantly to me, you can pan the Pan Cam by swiping side to side in landscape mode. And do so in much smaller increments than I’ve been able to manage with the D pad. So now it doesn’t take me five minutes of fiddling to get it pointing exactly where I want it. Hint: Presets would be very nice, and then tie them to sensors…?

That is a nifty undocumented Easter Egg isn’t it. I stumbled across that one myself just a few days ago.

Below I call this a Shamrock instead of calling it an Easter Egg:

I’m not sure if it is real or not. I did a Google search to get to Wyze’s shop and could see a green camera. When I navigate normally from I can’t find the green camera. It did let me add it to my cart. :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :beer: :grinning:
I’m not pulling the trigger to order it. I just thought it was odd and funny at the same time.

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Come on dude! I expect better out of you. I figured that out on day one. Anything that has a touch screen I always try. It’s not gonna hurt it. I am just shaking my head. With all of the things that you’ve accomplished and shown me and taught me and you’re just now coming up with this? Boy I just don’t know if I should laugh or cry :joy::sob:. Jk


See if you can locate and order the green Cam V2. I now think it is real. I read the 9 reviews and it seem legit. I’m not fooling around with you. If you can’t find it just let me know and I’ll tell you how I found it.
Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 11.18.26 AM

Yea I know right. But having set up the app on a old moto x with issues, I got out of that slow app asap, and into tinycam. Because to me, seeing the pic on a device just won’t do it. So mostly I look at them on a monitor with a firestick here. And I just got my hands on a newer phone (that I don’t use as a phone because I still like a flip phone) with speed enough to be able to use the playback,… without getting frustrated and shattering it against a wall I mean… ;p So I’m blaming that for not coming across this earlier…

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It is real, I have one.


The frog green cam must still be available :frog: :grin: