Pan cam control from 3rd party app

Can i in somehow pan the wyze pan through 3rd party apps?

I want the cams to pan away into the Wall when we are home. I have home assistant, homey, ifttt. Can Anyone of thoose do what i want or can i even do it via api or http?

No… Only via the app.

Not even with the rtsp beta firmware?

From what I know, pan and tilt requires the ONVIF protocol to be incorporate. And when I used RTSP a few months ago it wasn’t in there … which is why I reverted to stock.

Besides, there are still a lot of issues with RTSP dropping frames, and even dropping connection completely. Not stable.

I mean, you’re always free to try RTSP for yourself to be sure…

So i cant use the ONVIF at all? Is it even implemented in the camera?

Again… Not from what I’ve experienced … and read here.

I’m playing with the RTSP on one of my pan cams atm. Currently I got it setup using OBS to get the rtsp stream. The audio seems not to come through very well, if at all. Obviously no controls through OBS. BUT, I can still open the Wyze app and pan the camera with that, and if I leave the SD card in it will still record locally with sound (I’m currently using OBS to record). Additionally, all the September firmware functionality seems to be available, not 100% on this, would need someone that actually worked on the firmware to confirm what is available and what isn’t. It does have problems running the bridge while on that firmware, but I plan to move the bridge over to Home Assistant anyways.
On a related note, OBS needs to be on the same network as the cam (duh), but it also needs to have network isolation turned off, or a local vpn setup, to be seen by OBS.