The ability to control/pan while In multi view

I would like it to be an option to be able to utilize the manual pan function on the Wyze cam pan while in multi view. I think in some situations it’s not appropriate to need to use this feature therefore I also believe the option should be able to be toggled on and off in the camera settings.

Personal reason for wishlist request:
I use one of the cameras for a baby monitor so I’d like to be able to see my baby and also pan my front porch and street with my Wyze cam pan to keep an eye out for deliveries etc.

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Would the pan and tilt controls be done by swiping your finger on the camera view? I do think button controls would be the best for the multi view pan and tilt tilt controls.

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My thoughts, were that you could toggle the feature on and off (as I would assume it could get touchy if too many were toggled on simultaneously). Therefore, if a toggle on/off was added, maybe it could also be an option to set a preference of directional buttons or swiping.

If panning in multi view doesn’t catch on, maybe just the ability to zoom while in multi view.

I also think that if you zoom a camera in, and back out of that camera back to multi view, the zoom should stay constant, or not reset once you exit to multi view. I mean, I’m still watching the video, why should it reset?

This topic is getting out of hand in my brain already lol

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