Requests for Webcam Firmware Improvements (collected)

The features of the cam pan like the pan and tilt are currently not available during webcam use (i.e. after loading the Webcam FW). That would be great that we could pan and tilt a Wyze Pan Cam even during webcam use as we do through the Wyze App when the camera is set in IP mode. This could be done either through a dedicated Windows PC driver or the Wyze application on Android or IOS.

See Moderator Note Below

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is stated on the webcam firmware page:

This solution should be used “as is.” We are not planning on continuous improvements or bug fixes.

Wyze did the webcam firmware as a one-time project for the pandemic. Unfortunately, they don’t plan to work on it any further. This topic will collect all Webcam Firmware requests on the off chance that this changes.


Thank you for your response. I created that entry into your forum
because I was told by one of your employee (Brian, see attached
email) to do so as it would help you. See attached email.

Does your response means definitively no ? would you reconsider
it ?



(Attachment [Wyze Ticket 576650] Re pan and tilt for wyze webcam.txt is missing)

Just to let you know, the moderators here are just users like you. We just volunteer our time to help people out. We do not really have any pull on getting them to reconsider anything and as Loki stated the webcam firmware was just a one time offering for the pandemic and peoples urgent need for webcams when availability was low.


Got it thanks. I thought Loki was a Wyze employee. My


I’m an employee. I appreciate you bringing this up but, as Loki said, we aren’t planning to go further with that firmware at this time. I’ll share your interest with the team but would be surprised if we adjusted it after this.


Flashed the camera into a web cam. Audio input is not good. Would like the ability to de-select the camera as an audio input device & utilize the PC mic.

Not sure what OS you’re using the webcam on, but with Win10, I was able to do this through the audio settings in the OS.

Thank you. I use Windows 7. Any ideas?

Should be very similar. Find your sound control via settings and select your input source.

First, thanks so much for the webcam firmware. It works great on my mac and I went ahead and voided my warranty by purchasing an m12, 3.6mm which dropped right in. The fixability of these cameras is amazing. Thanks for that.

I was wondering if you could release a firmware version that reversed the image so I can use this as a whiteboard cam?

Happy to hear you’re enjoying the webcam firmware!

We’re not currently planning to update that firmware branch so I’m going to put this in the probably not bucket. But we’ll keep an eye on this to track the interest. :slight_smile:

Web Cam FIrmware: Allow/Enable Night Vision when dark

Even though the Web Cam firmware is not going to be updated or supported much/all, can the firmware just be tweaked one time, to add support for automatically turning on Night Vision when dark?

The Cam v2, when Web Cam firmware is running, is able to be used on a Raspberry Pi successfully.

When using the open source “Motion” package here:

The Camera feed can be processed locally by “motion” and then sent over Ethernet (or Wifi) as a RTSP feed.

No more WiFi bottlenecks, as this is Cam → USB → Pi → Ethernet!

And because the Pi is processing the data, it can do motion detection by itself, rather than have to have the costly usage of the Cloud based detection!

Please consider just adding this one little change to the Web Cam firmware!

I want to be able to check a box that says automatically keep all of my devices updated so I never have to go in and check and manually click on update

Can we get an “autoupdate device firmware after X days at Y time?” Something with at least a few options?

Some users want to manually update. Others (like me) want an auto update. With that being said, I don’t want an immediate update. Wyze has too many issues with stability and bricking devices. How about ‘auto update after 7 days at 3am?’ Or auto update at a specific frequency.