Way to disable Pan/Tilt controls on live feed

It would be great if there was a toggle to disable the pan/tilt capabilities on the live feed. Sometimes I’m trying to zoom in or accidentally swipe across my screen and I end up moving the camera all around. I’m referring specifically to the ability to do this with a swipe on the actual feed, not the D-pad. Going along with this, it would be helpful to have a way to reset the camera back to a designated position. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

For the issue of reseting to a designated portion, see this existing #roadmap topic:

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Provide a way to lock app screen panning from accidental screen touches. Too many times I have accidentally scrolled instead of zoomed or double tapped, resulting in the loud motor making a noise.


Every time I want to zoom in/out in the live stream (via the iPhone app in my case), the application determines my actions as swiping and moves the camera - which is not what I wanted.
Thus, I think it’ll be very useful to have an option to disable the moving of the camera from the live stream.
To be clear, there are dedicated controls to move the camera, these will remain active of course.

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Add a on/off toggle button in app to disable motor control in app. Lots of times while zooming I accidentally move the camera. Simple switch to turn off the motion controls would be great. Or s setting to not control motion in the image area.


As a user of the viewing app I would like to enable/disable camera panning.
This issue is found when viewing or navigating the app and the user “bumps” the image with their finger and the camera position moves.

It would seem better to have a checkbox to enable/disable the panning feature. Have this disabled by default and allow selecting it when the user wants to pan with their finger.

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So we use a Wyze Cam Pan/Tilt to monitor our child while he sleeps (he’s only 11 months old). However somewhat frequently, my wife moves the camera instead of zooming in and panning around.

It would be great if there was a “lock” function for the pan/tilt controls. So you could set where you want the camera to be, and then go to settings and “lock” its current position (simply slider button would suffice I think). Then if you need to activate pan/tilt you have to go back and “unlock” the functionality, adjust it, and re-lock.

It might be even better if there was an auto-lock feature. After adjusting the pan/tilt you have 1 minute to make further adjustments, otherwise the lock is auto-enabled.

I recognise that the non-pan version would do this, however it is nice to have the pan/tilt when you do want to move the camera (or when its mounted high on the wall, and adjustments are a pain).

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Couldn’t agree more. We use the camera for baby control. And when the camera started panning due to us zooming, the next thing you know the baby starts crying.
This has occurred countless time, baby waking up from the motor sounds.

For those who use as baby cam, maybe you can use the fixed version to monitor the crib over the pan version.

Or, let’s hope wyze can make this wishlist up on top, just to add a lock feature to the motor control would be great. Even, if it is in the settings screen where possibly we select speed to 0 (zero) rather than 1?

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I am a new user this month and more than surprised that there us no means to control the planning of the camera. Very disappointed for such a clever piece of kit.
I wanted a degree of lan as my dog moves about but at night I need camera fixed on one spot.