Did pan rotate speed get increased in

I’m using Android Wyze app 2.2.38 to control my Wyze Cam Pan that’s running firmware

I’ve always had my Advanced Settings > Motor Control > Rotate Speed set to 1 (the minimum) because I like it slow and smooth. (Sorry, TMI!) But with the latest firmware, this speed setting seems to be way faster than before, so impossible to fine-tune the rotation angle. Changing the speed setting does affect the panning speed, but now it goes from “pretty fast” to “ridiculously fast”…there’s no “nice and slow” setting any more.

Has anyone else noticed this? Did the pan rotate speed deliberately get increased with this firmware release? Didn’t see a mention of it in the Release Notes.


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If I were them I would change the labeling on the actual name of this setting. Its not necessarily how fast the camera moves. Its how far I have noticed from my testing. I set it to 3 from 5 and got short bursts of movement instead of the longer bursts I was used to. I used this to fine tune the angle to specifically what I want with my pan. I could be wrong on my assumption. But this is what its doing for me.

Yeah I noticed I can’t fine tune the movements as well either with the new fw.