Wyze cam pan v2 requires needs to be unplugged and rebooted constantly

Hi. We’ve got an outdoor mounted Cam Pan v2 and it works great, but for some reason needs to constantly be unplugged and restarted. Like every few days. We have 4 other indoor cams that are in the same network and never have any issues. What would cause this?

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How long is the cable going to it? It might be a voltage drop issue. Also, it it being driven with a 2A Power Adapter?


Hi and thanks for responding! The camera is running on the supplied power cord and is then plugged into a 25’ 14-2 outdoor rated extension cord (although it’s actually inside the garage). Is it bad to be plugged into an extension cord? There’s no nearby outlet because I mounted the camera up high on the exterior wall, just below the eve.


So you extended the 120VAC and not the 5V USB? Excellent! It’s when people extend the 5V USB cable that they start getting into trouble. :slight_smile:

As long as the camera’s USB power cord is plugged into a 2 Amp power adapter, you should be good. If not, make that change.

You could swap the camera with one of the others and see if the problem follows the camera or if the location is just too far from the router.

If you are still under warranty, you might contact support to see if they would like to replace the camera.

Hate to make this next recommendation, because it would only help you tolerate the problem, but if all else fails you could try adding a Wyze Plug, and make a Rule to cycle power to the camera each night. Maybe that will make it run longer. I have Plugs on all my cameras just so I can handle problems when I am on the road.


Hi and thank you again for the ideas!!

To answer your questions, the supplied power adapter is plugged into the camera and that, in turn, is plugged into the HD 25’ extension cord.

It’s kind of tough to swap cameras easily as the Cam
Pan V2 is on a mount up high on the wall and all other indoor cams are the simple Wyze Cam V3 and I can’t mount it the same. To properly troubleshoot, I’d need to leave the V3 swapped cam outside for a while to see if it keeps dropping, and it’s not weatherproof. I’d need to buy another Cam Pan V2 I think to try a 1-for-1 equal swap.

I do actually have some WiFi plug-in outlet switches. They’re not Wyze brand and they’re not as awesome as I had hoped. That’s what I’ve been using to remotely reboot some of the cameras that aren’t as easy to access the plugs (to physically replug). Maybe I’ll look at a Wyze version of this item.


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You can use a 3rd-party Plug if you like. It just needs to be scheduled to drop power at like 4:30 AM, and turn it back on at 4:31 AM (or whatever times you choose).

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I’ll have to try that with the ones I have and see if that works. Thanks!

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Pssst, even better.

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