WYZE Cam Pan V2 - First Glance

Here in 2 days, standard in the box items.
The Camera
Quick Start Guide
Power adapter and cable

Setup went as expected, normal setup process. However there were 2 firmware updates at setup.

And the SD format went fine with a 32GB SD card.

I will be swapping a V1 Cam Pan out with a Pan Cam V2 that has been mounted outside for over 2 years and will provide some side by side comparisons once I have collected some data.


Just remember, PanCam V2 isn’t designed for outdoor use…

Indeed, nor was the V1 but I’ve had one outside for awhile and it’s performed well in all mid-west weather. Should the V2 not do as well… then the V1 can come out of retirement.

I suppose with that I should also mention that I take full responsibility of deploying a non-outdoor rated device outdoors, My experience is not one of a recommendation to do so, but more of a discussion of my experience using it outside of Wyze’s recommendations. I do so mostly because I like that the device can track motion vs deploying multiple devices covering intersect points.

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Did the V2 fit into the V1 enclosure?

It did, the only difference was where the USB once was on the V1 Cam Pan, there is not one on the V2, so the USB cover flap sticks out a little.

V2 Cam Pan in Silicon sleeve previously used with a V1 Cam Pan:

And for those interested here is the state of the V1 that was mounted outdoors for 2 years and some change. There was no discoloration or weathering anywhere the silicon case covered.

The bottom was a little off white and the sd card was in perfect condition.


Happen to live viewing on my Amazon echo show device, says not available on alexa app

Same for me. What I have seen in the past is it takes Amazon a bit to add the nee devices to their live view, and without notice you will just happen to see it one day. As was the case with the V3. Still waiting on the video doorbell, and my guess is the WCO will never make it on the list at this point.