Wyze Cam Pan v2 - Y/N?

I am considering a Wyze Cam Pan v2 purchase. Would like a Y/N recommendation. Is this a good reliable item?

Cam Pan v2 hasn’t been out long enough to measure reliability, but it’s a great fit for my needs and has been working flawlessly. The only things lacking that I wish Wyze had included are outdoor protection and a smaller footprint. I give this cam a solid “Yes”.

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@Seapup right with you on the outdoor protection and smaller footprint, which would make this the premier camera.

@golfgame mine’s been reliable for as long as I’ve had it since receiving it in September. The difference is literally night and day between the v1 and the v2 cam pan - that starlight sensor is a beautiful thing.

The motor is also a lot snappier than the original, and it seems quicker for focus to catch up as the camera moves.

Hope you’re able to find one… just saw they’re now out of stock at Wyze, though I think Amazon lists them for a similar price when shipping is factored in if you’re a Prime member.

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