Wyze Cam Pan V1 or V2

How can I determine the version of my Wyze Cam Pan? In device model it only says Wyze Cam Pan. Does this mean it’s a V1?

Device Info for my V3 says Wyze Cam Pan V3.

I’m guessing it’s a v1 then, but it may have more info on the sticker on the cam?

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You could also compare FW versions to the release notes online

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@IEatBeans is correct.
The device model indicates V2 in the Wyze app, the V1 will just be Wyze Cam Pan

The V2 says it’s a V2 on the sticker on the back of the CAM.
Also, the V1 has a USB port on the back, the V2 does not.


Thanks for the replies.

I have one of those rubber weather boots on it but that has a flap covering the USB port so it is a V1 then.