What Camera Version?

How can I tell what version camera I have? One I about a few years ago & the other 2 this year.

You can go into each cameras settings and then device info and it’ll tell you the model type. If your like me and prefer visual aids, the photos from the website shop are a good start. The v1 and v2 appear similar, and the old one you have, depending on how long ago you got it, might be a v1. The bottom of the camera also has model numbers, but those are more cryptic.

When I go to devise info all it says is Wyze Cam & Wyze cam pan no v #.

You may have the original v1 and the pancam then. If you look on the camera itself it’ll tell you the model code. Here are the device info from my cams:

There is currently only the v1, v2, pancam and the new v3 out in the wild. Soon the doorbell cam will be out also.

In addition to @Omgitstony’s method, the camera version should be to the sticker on the bottom of the base.