How to find out device version?

I have 3 Wyze Cameras (not Pan). I know one of them is very old, but not sure which one. How do we find out which one is v1 or v2 ?

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I think you’ll find your answer here.

In the Wyze app you can look at the Device Info page in the settings for each camera. All V2 cameras actually have V2 on the page. Also each camera will show the date it was setup.


Also, a little more trivia. The V1 cams have a glossy finish, where the V2 cams have a matte finish. :slight_smile:


Mine cam came in a bundle with a base station. In Device Model field (shown above), it just says Wyze Outdoor Cam, but nothing about V1 or V2 (it was activated 12/25/2020). With all the security articles floating around these days, I’d like to know for sure. Anyone?

v1, v2, etc., are currently applicable to Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan. The security articles to which you are referring relate to Cam v1.

You have Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station. There is no version because the original versions of both are still the latest and only versions. It is implied that “original version” is synonymous with “v1”.

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