How to tell difference between v1 and v2 (online sellers like Amazon)?

How can I tell the difference between the WyzeCam v1 and v2 by just looking at them? I’d like to buy a couple of them online but am not sure whether I’m looking at the v1 or the v2. Online vendors can’t always be trusted to give the right information, either.


I believe the only way to tell the difference is to look at the bottom. The actual camera will look the same. I haven’t seen anyone selling the Wyze cam except Wyze cam (Wyze Labs) themselves and I don’t think they’re selling V1 any longer. I’ve found Wyze Labs to be very trustworthy. I love my cameras.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong about the versions.


Thanks for your reply, Iris. There are a handful of random sellers on Amazon other than Wyze Labs who are selling the WyzeCam (new and used), so it’s mostly them I was concerned about. You said that the only way to tell the difference was to look at the bottom of the camera… is there a stamp on the bottom that says what version it is?


There are other sellers listed as 3rd party, or whatever. I would never buy a used one and why would you buy from a 3rd party when you can buy direct? Don’t know that I’d trust any of them either.

Well, in some cases buying from 3rd party sellers is much cheaper than buying direct. Also, sometimes 3rd party sellers have different shipping options. I’m in Canada so this often matters to me.


Bought my second Wyze2 from Amazon. Tuns out my Prime free shipping costs more than ordering direct from Ordered my third cam direct. I love this company! Only other Amazon order was for longer USB power/USB-mini cables, which are working.

On the bottom of the camera the V1 says “WYZE CAM”. The V2 says “WYZE CAM V2”.

The other physical difference is that the V1 is shiny white while the V2 is more of a matt finish. Also, the V1 is surrounded by clear cling wrap plastic while the V2 is in a folded translucent plastic bag. However, I doubt you’d be able to see either of these difference on vendor’s web photos.

I’m in Canada and ordered from the Canadian Amazon site last week and they are both v2 according to the bottom of the Camera.

Thanks scott.paterson, glad to hear you received the v2. I’m looking at ordering from Amazon and shipping to Canada too.

And thanks for the detailed differences between v1 and v2, RickO!