Wyze Cam Pan Micro USB socket wiring open circuit fault

Hi All,

I’ve found that there is probably an open circuit or a dry joint on the micro USB port on my wise cam pan. The problem is as it rotates on startup it loses power if I touch a black wire behind the micro USB it springs back into life but this is not a lasting fix I need to resolder the connections any suggestions on how I can get to rewire this? Im really after instructions on how I can access the back of this micro USB socket?


Hi @Joerice50 and welcome to the Community!
Do you want to know how to open the back of the camera. See this YouTube 1st 50 seconds.

Its good to have some solder wick to draw off the cold solder joint w/a touch of flux or by adding a bit of flux core solder.


Thanks, Dr Know for the link to a most helpful video I’ll get the soldering iron out this morning


I disassembled the camera and removed the internal power cable and resoldered the joints to the micro USB pcb in the base. Reassembled camera and wow its working fine! I needed to magnetise my small Phillips screwdriver to grip the micro screws and wear my reading glasses to do the repair.


That is great news! Glad we were able to provide a working solution for you. :wink: