Wrong USB Cable

MY BAD - found the micro port…sorry!!!

I’m blaming it on OLD EYES - that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


Ignore ALL below the line

Just received my new Cam Pan - excited to get it set up and running.

Inserted sdcard and took brick and cable OUT OF THE BOX.

Slight problem.

What am I supposed to do with a USB-A x micro cable when BOTH the brick and the CamPan are A?


Now what?


Look on the base and you will find the micro cable thingie. Mini cable is for power only.

I had the same impression when I first got the device, before I [cough] read the instructions. The slot and cable port are very small and unmarked. I understand the reasons but the instructions could be more convenient (as in larger, on paper, with illustration, maybe IKEA-style drawings.)

I don’t know what the big usb port is for but I’ll go back to the instructions and find out, I guess!

Aha. Thanks for saving me some time. That is… interesting.

(If you are joining us, let me save you some trouble -> “The USB A port (the larger one) is currently not usable on the Wyze Cam Pan. We do not recommend using it as a power relay since the Pan can move.”)

Thank you for saving us from having to watch another video just to learn that the USB A port is currently not used with the Wyze Cam Pan. I don’t mind reading - even the super tiny print on the instructions.