Purpose of USB port?


what is the purpose of the USB port on the back of the moving camera?


//incorrect// That port is used to power the camera. //incorrect//


The full USB port (USB Type-A) is for future accessories, and can’t be used for daisy chaining like with the WyzeCam V2. The small USB port on the base (Micro USB) is used for power.


A port for a cable on a moving piece? Really?

The hardware manufacturer enables the usb port on their version for storage in addition to the sdcard. I am guessing the firmware in the Wyze version is what limits or removes that functionality.

I agree 100% LOL It would make sense if it was located in the stationary base , but not the spinning mass .

The port used to power the camera is in the base, not the spinning camera.

Reply from WyzeElana : The Wyze Cam Pan is not designed to be daisy chained. The USB out on the back of the Wyze Cam Pan does not supply enough power to power another Wyze Cam Pan, and the cord could interfere with the movement of the Wyze Cam Pan. We included it for future expansion/accessory options. Stay tuned for more info on what we’re working on!

Future expansion meaning possibly a USB Thumb drive to replace the SD card or to download the contents of the SD card to the USB thumb drive?

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