Wrong cable shipped with Wyze Cam Pan

Received my three Wyze Cam Pans, each one came with the wrong cable. One end has the usual USB end, the other end has what appears to be a micro USB end.

Can you please look into this and ship me the correct cables?

This is the correct cable. You plug the large (USB-A) end into the power block which plugs into the wall. You plug the small (micro-USB) end into the microUSB port on the round base of the camera. This is the part that sits on the surface and doesn’t move. Ensure that the cable lays flat for a couple inches so as not to interfere with camera rotation.

The large female USB-A port on the back of the Pan Cam is only there to daisy chain power to another camera, and for USB memory stick expansion (not yet implemented). Daisy chaining power from a Pan Cam is not really practical due to the rotation of the camera.