Lost power adapter

I lost my Wyze Cam Pan power adapter. I have a 16 ft cable, like the one provided with the Cam Pan (USB-A to USB-Micro) to connect a power adapter to the Cam Pan. Looking online I can’t find a replacement power adapter (5V, 2000 mA) that will connect to the USB Micro end of the cable. I can’t find any cable adapters or couplers that would solve my problem.

These work as an example.


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By the way the camera connects to the USB Micro end. Not the adapter. The USB A connector on the camera is to supply power to another camera with. A daisy chain if you will.

Almost any adapter (wall wart) that puts out 2AH or more for USB will do.

I use these…


…they work well for just about everything I have that needs 2A or less.

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Thank you!

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