Wyze Cam Pan- how to stop recording, yet have camera on

Wyze Cam Pan with SD card. When I am not away (vacation etc) I want to be able to have this cam live (ie, be able to get to it from the app anytime). I don’t want it to motion detect (record) and I don’t want it to record to the SD card. but I DO want it to detect sound (smoke alarm) and send a notification.

There are 2 questions in my issue.

  1. When home, I want to use this as a live cam with no recording to cloud or SD card. As configured now, it is recording to the SD card upon any motion. Yet when i am away, I will of course set the camera to record differently.

  2. Regardless (independent) of camera recording, I’d like for the camera to notify me when a smoke alarm sounds. Secondarily, what are the minimum settings I need to have in order for the camera to notify me of a smoke alarm.

I have been unable to achieve both of these.

As I have it set now:
Event Recording: 5:01AM to 5:02AM (basically off).
Detect motion: Off
Detect sound: Off
Notifications: Off
Alarm Settings: Smoke On.

Thank you.

I am guessing Sound Detection should be On.

And you could press the Test button found on most smoke alarms to verify things are working as intended.

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The event schedule is unnecessary. (I think you’ve effectively disabled everything by doing that.) Might as well leave it as “all day”. Just turn on Detect Sound as @oldgeek said, and turn on notifications if you ever expect to get notified.

As long as you have Detect Motion off you won’t get motion recordings, and if you keep sensitivity fairly low (test it!) you won’t get too many sound triggered recordings either. Last bit of advice, don’t trust these cameras for critical purposes.

Yeah, Unfortunately, after 5 cams, I too am just starting to realize this. :frowning:

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