Constant Recording Even When I Don't Want To

I have a Wyze Cam Pan v1 with a 32GB SD card installed. It is constantly recording, on it’s own, 1 minute videos even though I have disabled all the event recording options. There are hundreds after just a few days. I’ve never purposely recorded an event and don’t know how or why this keeps recording all the time. How can I disable this unwanted recording activity?
I’ve had this camera for several years and this just started about 6 weeks ago.

Check the camera settings;
Advanced Settings > Local Storage
Change Continuous recording to Record events only.


It’s set to Record Events only and it doesn’t make any difference.

That is strange.
Do you not want it to record at all?

At this point I only want to record when I would do so manually. I don’t want to record hundreds of everyday activities, which is what would happen with the motion detect feature.

Right now there is not even any motion that is setting it off. It’s just recording one after another for no reason. Like I said, this is new.

I don’t know what is causing the problem but if you don’t want to record anything turn Local recording to Micro SD card off.
There is no way to manually record to SD, it’s either Continuous or Event only.

Hitting the Record button doesn’t save the recording to the SD card?

No, it saves to your phone or tablet.