Wyze cam pan displays wrong time

I was just checking my pan cam and realized the date and time is wrong. What’s interesting as well is the event videos shows a totally different time and video.

This event says it occurred 2:20pm in the day but the video is a night video.

So I decided to put 2 cameras in a group to see what is going on. The pan cam is displaying a totally different date and time


Anyone knows what’s going on here? I’m confused.

Maybe something server side, have you tried the sync time function found in advanced settings?

If not give that a go and see if it corrects your time issue.

Yeah I thought was that so I did it. Just tried again. Still displaying the wrong date and time. Went back looking at event videos yesterday. It’s totally weird.

It’s showing events for a different time and date

I remember a thread from another community member with this same exact issue and I cannot seem to find it to see what their resolution was.

There is this but not much more than has already been done and one would infer you device time is right since it is only one CAM.

So… back to basics :smiley: And sorry if you have already completed these step…
Try clearing the app cache data, logging out of the app and logging back in.
If persistent, removing’s the CAM from your device list and re-adding it.

All else fails ( I suggest calling, there is a wait time but it has been the better experience vs. a ticket) They will probably walk you the first 4 steps we discussed. (Sync Time, Clear Cache, Log Out, Remove and Re-add). Tell’em you done done it if you have to call them :slight_smile:
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