Times don't match

The times that I see on the actual video clip are correct, but the downloaded files from the Micro SD card show completely different times. For some reason the times on the actual video clip and the times on the downloaded files don,t match. They are not even close. I am new to this, maybe I am doing something wrong.

in app has a sync time button

Hi, @eaklimach. Welcome to the community! Take a look at this support article on Incorrect Time Displayed and see if this helps any. :slightly_smiling_face:

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maybe OP was referring to the file Modified and Created dates. When i put the sd into computer, the files are correctly in folders by hour and minute, but the modified or created date is always 5 hours ahead. No matter what I do to the camera, re-start, re-sync, firmware upto date. nothing fixes this.
The time on the video is correct and in the correct hour folder and correct minute (named) file.

(also not a single video file has sound (a 0 kbs audio track), despite record sound on and sound heard when played back in app)

I tried the sync option several times but it still displays different times. Is there anything else I can try?

are you in north America because someone ask for a 24 hour clock

I tried everything but nothing worked, so I called Wyze support. I was told that for some reason the files I down load from the micro sd are stamped in UTC time zone, which is 8 hrs ahead of my pacific time zone.
They said they will look into this and maybe come up with a firmware upgrade.

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I just notice it too. It is on 24 hours.

yes I am in the US and I don.t recall seeing anything about UTC time zone when I set it up

I look at feb 11 and it is utc time but the time rule is 12 hour time.

That is very strange behavior. I’m glad you reported this issue to the Wyze Support Team. It does sound like a bug.

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They just need to put a switch. I would like to utc on mine stuff