Wyze Cam Pan camera locking up, cause found

Cause of the problem for the Wyze Cam Pan camera locking up. The cause of the problem occurs when you pinch and zoom in and out on the Cam Pan camera live image on a iPhone or iPad app. This causes the camera to move, up, down, left, right depending on the pinching and zooming. Eventually this will cause problems especially if more than 1 user is also looking at the camera image at the same time and pinching and zooming, causing the camera to inadvertently move. In my case the camera locked up and needed to be power cycled to work normally again. You do not have to use the virtual joystick built into the software app to move the camera, just pinch and zoom in and out in the live image using a iPhone or iPad.

In my case I don’t want the camera to Pan, I would like it fixed in a single location, tilted slightly down but not move. It would be nice to eliminate the controls(joystick)for moving the camera, especially the undocumented software feature of pinching and zooming on the live image to move the camera.