What stops the pan cam from panning around?

My Wyze Cam Pan died. No power at all. So I contacted wyzecam and they are sending me a replacement.

They said I don’t need to send the camera in for replacement so I decided to do an autopsy.

I found the the issue was that the camera apparently panned around without stopping until the internal cable from the USB port to the motherboard snapped.

I repaired it and it is working again but there is nothing to stop the camera from panning around.

When the camera starts, it tests the motors and it will just pan until the cable breaks again.

If I hold it with my hand, it will stop panning so there is an overload sensor in the motor but I can’t find anything inside to prevent the camera from turning indefinitely.


Many ideas?

Go into the app and turn off Pan Scan and Motion Tracking. If it is still moving around, then it sounds like a defective camera.

If your wyze Cam Pan is turning over 360 degrees it means the limiter is broken. On the base of the unit there is a ball bearing that is mounted in frame that has two tabs that stop the camera from turning past 360deg. It seems one of these stops had broken off of your unit.

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I have my pancam between double paned windows on the sill. Is there a way to disengage the pan rotation since there is no room for it to rotate so i can reset it. Its very hard to access the window from inside where it sits. I cant reset the cam cause then it rotates and sticks but i still want the tilt feature.