Disable Rotation Limit Testing / Setting on Restart / Powerup (Pan Cam)

Wyze Community / Super Users,

Is there anyway to disable to rotation limit setting on a Wyze Cam Pan?

The only reason I ask is that if I’m daisychaining with the additional USB port, then obviously the wires end up all over the place.

Any solutions here?

Generally I keep the Pan Cam in the same position (enjoy the timelapse function too much) and so would have to reset it everytime there is a power outage. Perhaps when it restarts it should just stay in the same position as when it woke up?



Seems strange that the USB port is on there if it is not to be used with the Cam Pan…? I see something small, perhaps mounted to the unit itself, but longer cables concern me.

Is there no way to turn off the startup rotation check it does?

No, there isn’t a way to disable the rotation test the Pan does on power up. There is a Roadmap item you can VOTE on at the top left of thread for the rotation limits (for after the camera boots up). You can also provide input in the thread if you wish. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all. I seem to have made a plan with some home electronics and power splitting pre-Wyze Cam Pan.

Keep up all the good work and I love the product, community aspect of it all and the stream of constant updating, voting and new ideas!

Regards from South Africa.

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