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With the Cam Pan, once mounted, can the view rotation be set via the app and then not move. In other words I want to mount the Cam Pan, set the view via the app and then start the recording and not have it move on its own by sensing movement. Just manual adjust view and stay there.

The idea is that I want to mount the camera high up on a pole, set the right view and then leave it. With just regular wyze I cannot adjust the view angle.

That’s what and where one of my pan cams is/are now. It’s on a pole on the roof, and doesn’t move unless I (or the wind) move it. Notifications, detection, and tracking are turned off, and waypoints were never set so. I haven’t played with waypoints, so I don’t know how to disable them off hand. But if it’s not obvious, perhaps resetting the cam, deleting it from the app, and readding it might fix any issues.

Yes… There’s no need to have the camera move on sensing movement. In fact, since the motion tracking is pretty glitchy, some of us just use it that way. Just keep Motion Tracking off, and align the camera as you want. It should stay there (short any power issues).

Hey, thanks for the fast response. Sounds like it should work for me.

Welcome to the Wyze world @donbwalker! @mathelm64 & @None are correct on their replies. Here is a tip for initially setting up your position. Place your cam, on the mount, and connect it to power and let it connect. Then go to Settings/Advanced Settings/Motor Controls and Reset the camera position.

After doing this physically position your cam using the round base of the cam, not the upper body, to get your desired view. Now if you lose power with no pan scan or detection zone settings set your cam will return to your desired view on power on. Otherwise, if you have positioned the cam with the app or by turning the upper body of the cam it will return to its default position which may not be where you wanted it!
And then you have to climb :woman_climbing: the ladder…:pleading_face:

Great guidance, Tom. My prob is i’ve got a pan cam pressed against the glass, and if power goes out it rotates on startup, presumably to “return” to the position I had it set, but in the process the corners pump the glass and knock the cam off the windowsill. Is there a way to set the location so no “return” to position is necessary?

That’s the only problem i have with pan cams, which I love. I’m using them like the others above, don’t need the technically admirable tracking & etc.

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That I know of, there is no setting that will stop a pan cam from going thru its setup rotation. I’m going to reach out to my fellow volunteer @Mavens and see if any of them know a way - we all have similar but different skill sets.
A workaround would be to put that cam on some form of a UPS. The power draw is so low, relatively speaking, on these cams that you wouldn’t have to have a large one to be effective. I have a portable battery power source that will drive a cam for 18 hours or so and it cost about $20. It’s not a UPS but that shows you small a power source you could use. Maybe tap off one used for other items?

An easier work around would be to use a set nut on the tripod mount to manually aim it where you need it to be after it runs through it’s setup rotation.

@mathelm64 - if I understand what he is saying correctly the problem is that when it runs thru it’s startup spin, since it sits flush to the window glass, the corners of the cam impact the window and cause it to knock itself out of position. I’ve seen that with my own cams.
You are absolutely right about locking the round swivel base to the mount-if you don’t it turns the cam out of position and scan settings/motion detection zone are now off.

This might be a possible solution. Have not tried it here but used it in another situation and worked good. It is a small and economical power switcher. If it has 5v power from normal supply (power adapter) it stays there. If it does not it will switch to battery source. Sort of poor mans Auto Transfer Swtich. Would require some wiring work but minimal. I always use 5v chargeable power banks for bankup units. 20k mah

might be a solution for backup.


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Many thanks! I was looking for exactly that and found a couple of things, but my electronics knowledge is far exceeded by my curiosity and I wasn’t really sure what i was setting. Your explanation took care of that! I just ordered one-price is great-and will try and post back. My hesitation is whether or not it’s switching capacity will be quick enough to avoid tripping the cams reset.

Yea, well I guess we’ll find out. Good luck. If I can help let me know.

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I’ll keep you posted, but it looks like it will be a while. My shipping time on my order is “up to 59 days” !!

Hey Matt, seems like you’re always the guy who pops up with help on my issues! It’s appreciated. About this locking-nut on the swivel base: Are you picturing a way it could prevent the start-up dance, but not impair the owner/operator’s control of the device’s swiveling function? In other word, does the nut just turn it into a tall V2? Thanks.