Wyze Cam Outdoor Short Power Adapter

I want to mount a Wyze v3 under my eaves and it is directly next to a plug so I don’t need excess length - I see the outdoor power adapter but it is 12.5 feet. Does anyone have an alternative option that doesn’t have significant length?

Welcome to the forum @SimpleGhost.

A couple of thoughts… (Without modifying the actual Wyze Outdoor plug and or cable in any way or searching for an alternative outdoor device.)

You could wrap the cable nice and tight and attach it to the easement behind the camera hiding it as best as possible with cable hooks.

You could mount a small plastic box behind the camera and tuck the excess cabling in there.

Wrap in something like this Cord Wrapper and mount behind camera.

Easements are usually hollow, you could fish the cable through the easement leaving the excess plugging the holes with caulk. (Not sure if this is any kind of code violation)