Outdoor plug cord WAY TOO SHORT (v2 ideas)

Have to say that the Wyze Outdoor Plug cord is WAY TOO SHORT! needs to be at least double to be able to mount, Also the mounting solution could use some work.

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I would rather see a short and long tail option. I prefer the shorter cord but I know others will have different needs.

I bought a 20 ft (flat USB to micro USB) cord on Amazon for my v3 camera, and it works great.

lol, not the outdoor cam- this is for the outdoor plug

I would like to see the plug be changed to a 90 degree or right angle plug for better mounting and cord management.

I couldn’t find this topic addressed yet but I just tried to plug in 2 Cam power bricks to the plug and they both don’t fit! It would be a nice re-design to be able to plug in 2 cams to the plug. I have most of my hard to reach cams on Wyze plugs, mostly indoor so weather is not an issue. Please consider making the outdoor plug just a small tad wider. Thanks!

Wifi outdoor smart plug timer for pool

Needs to have long cord.
And usage display.
(And usage in 12 hr fit at not 24)

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