Hi @michaelp1 Try contacting @WyzeGwendolyn with your customer support ticket number. Seems to be versed in Customer Service and loves cats. :smiley:

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Hi @wallen4319, Try contacting @WyzeGwendolyn Customer Service. Wyze will send RMA number with prepaid shipping label :smiley:. Will credit your account (less $9.99 inital ship cost) in 5 biz days after receiving at Wyze Labs. :camera:

Well stated. Until it can record something more than 12 seconds, this is a child’s toy. While mine does trigger the motion, if someone triggers it walking up my driveway, in 12 seconds the recording is over and whatever they are going to do to the car I have parked in the driveway at night is going to fall within the cool down period. I’ve captured nothing. The camera is worthless to me.


@skiptio That is unfortunate. I’ve tried the Outdoor Cam but couldn’t get a good signal without relocating the base unit, a long Cat5 run. The battery charged to 100% but died within 12-16 hours. Really wanted it to work for something. Couldn’t find a practical use for this thing and sent it packing.

Also very disappointed. Mine just will not work. I posted an email to the support address and the reply I got back was useless and sent from an address that does not receive replies! They are hiding. Adding to the waste of money on the WCO I went out and bought two $10 micro SD cards for cam and base hoping that it might make a difference. No change. More wasted $$. I hope they made enough money to retire as I have purchased my last WYZE product unless this one is some how rescued from the trash heap.

Check out these people to help you with a RMA number and postage paid return.

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I do this and get a notification about 10% of the time and if I do get a notification it is 15 it 20 minutes later

I have initiated the return process. We’ll see how it goes.

Basically we have all just paid to become product testers. What better way than hype up a camera, sell the cameras in different build phases and let us, the purchasers, write forums on ways to improve it. I had a response to my request for return email first by wyze sending me a link to write a forum. A week later I get an email that says I may return within a 30 day window. I must reply with my order number, address, etc. I replied to that email as soon as I got it. It’s been four days and no response. 30 day window huh?!

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It will go well for you my friend. They are very busy but you are their most important customer.

:roll_eyes: Thank you. That was my biggest concern.

Yep, Don’t back down, . . Did you get a suport ticket number?

How cluttered is your area with other wifi networks?

Like Tesla drivers. You’re a Trailblazer user. These things are expected. By principle.

I mean. That’s where this is going for test purposes and I live at the beach and it’s a nice gesture for my parents to open it up on their tv from the Appalachians if they want. I’ll share the device with them. I’m just having fun with it. My home is already secured with V2’s.

Want to buy mine?

Secured? No. Monitored? Maybe. :slight_smile:


I’m guilty of not participating as much on here as much as I’d like, but I have to say that I’ve had really good results with my Outdoor cam. In fact, I’ll likely add another one or so at some point. I actually was ready for it to NOT be so great, simply because it was new, and that I’d have to work with it quite a bit to get it to work, or have to wait for firmware updates. But actually in my experience, it’s worked EXACTLY as I’d like it to, and as expected. I’ve enjoyed having it and it’s kinda neat to have a microphone outside so that this hermit can listen in for a few seconds and say “yep, nature is still out there.” lol

Anyway, sorry so many are having issues, but I do believe Wyze will get you guys sorted. Hang in there. (No I don’t work for Wyze and no I wasn’t compensated to say this. Yes, I would totally take some cold hard cash at this time.)

The 12 second limit on motion recording is ridiculous not only that but I just found out you can subscribe to payadditional amounts of money to get all of the motion recorded. why don’t they include that information on the box so you arenot confused or fooled. I also went to see what the subscription would cost and it cost about $15 but they don’t say that it will work with the outdoor cam so outdoor really is garbage unless they really catch up with giving us more than 12 seconds what a rip off

Its a performance feature vs battery life issue. You need a continuous stream which would drain the battery in a few hours.
For instance, recorded time lapse of 5 seconds over 5 hours and the battery went from 100% to 12%. External power would void warranty.
Yes, the promotion was overstated but some are happy with the product. The provision for external power such as a solar panel or battery pack would greatly enhance the viability of this product.