Wyze Cam Outdoor - General Feedback

I recall reading in the Community some time ago a post that said, basically, that Wyze products were cute, fun and inexpensive, but failed to cross the threshold of serious security products. At the time, I felt that was a bit unfair. I have been using Wyze Cam & Pan Cam indoors, two Wyze Cams in outdoor housings outside, and several door sensors. All worked reasonably well, I thought, as a low cost surveillance solution even if not a full blown security system. The new Outdoor Cam has, unfortunately, pushed me into that original posters line of thinking.

As I looked for a place to mount the camera, I was faced not simply with the decision as to the best angle of view (as I had with my Cams in outdoor housings) but with additional, unique decisions. I had to place it low enough to be accessible for the recharging process, but then high enough to avoid having a neighbor kid jump up and snatch the camera. Also, since a ladder would probably be used, then I had to figure out a place that using a ladder when there is 2-4 feet of snow on the ground would be feasible. I also had to recognize that I would need to adjust the position of the camera each time I charged the battery.

Once those decisions were made, then i had to confront the shortcomings of the camera itself. Now, I will say that unlike many, many community members, my camera does seem to be detecting movement. I still have to go back, get out the ladder and readjust the camera because the detection zone is just barely picking up passing cars. Which of course is all about the problem of not having programmable detection zone(s). Most outdoor camera situations have this problem because of the wide field of vision. You may only want detection around your car and/or your door, but not the sidewalk or street. Having multiple programmable zones is a must. The Cam and Pan Cam both have one programmable zone and even that would have been better than the fixed zone offered by the Outdoor Cam.

Then you are faced with no continuous recording. I am sure this is a limitation of a battery dependent camera and an additional reason it should be wired. You can’t go back an review the previous night to see what might have been happening that did not trigger a detection.

Now, please, don’t flame with the fact that the camera is inexpensive, I get that. It’s just that in the past I have looked at Wyze products as not only innovative but truly an alternative to expensive, full-blown security systems for many applications. It’s just that now I have to sign on to the Community member’s opinion that I first mentioned, that the Outdoor Cam is cute, fun to watch the cat with, but not something I can really use to watch my back door with these limitations.

I am hopeful that the Doorbell Cam will be a more complete product. Fingers crossed!