Wyze Outdoor Feedback

Thought, I should write this time to share how I feel about outdoor Because:

  • I am in one of those who was waiting for outdoor version from long
  • I was among couple first users to still trying to order first outdoor via early access at 12 PM as soon as it opened.
  • I was the one who bought 2 wyze outdoor bundle in excitement knowing additional base station might not be used.
    Overall Feedback:
    I did not like it or you can say didnot get what I was hoping for.
    Since I am a software developer and technical person, I can guess why outdoor cam did not give me best motion alert because as per wyze, image comparison would have burnt more memory but should not be it a option available, if customer willing to?
    here are high level issues:
  • motion alert range was very very limited and area in view was not covered. even if I tried going in advanced mode and changing detection area etc.
  • As operated on battery and only wakes when does motion detect which is limited, I was missing important security measures.
  • travel mode was a good concept but I felt it was struggling with software and setup and detection , may be early software issues and in future, it might get better.

Overall, I felt, it is not worth and I did put my indoor wyze with wiring on outddor having protectors and back to how I use to monitor. and happy I think because now I am not hoping for something better :slight_smile:
well, indoor does good job though :smiley:

I do own almost everything from Wyze and that too approximately 25 or more several devices so I do appreciate effort and product quality but I see aggression in launch and lacking software readiness and quality issues these days.
I have both my Out door unit in box, thought I should return then not sure why my wife said you struggled 3 hours on first day to order, just keep them in store, may be you need in future, AND I listened to her :wink:


You are a wise man. :wink: