Wyze Cam Outdoor Continuous Recording

I have mine set to record on motion and turned the sensitivity to the max. It records everything that causes the camera to detect motion

If I do that, am I going to have nonstop notifications? And I cannot filter only the necessary notifications that I need right?

If you use the subscription service you can folder your alerts down to just people or pets or vehicles rather than all motion alerts

Recording to SD cards for outdoor cams

Please allow outdoor cams to record to SD cards WITHOUT having to schedule recordings.

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Recording to SD card on wireless camera

It would be nice to have the option to permanently “schedule” motion recording clips of various lengths to the sd card of an outdoor wireless camera. Currently, you can only schedule up to 30 days. Most other camera companies offer this. It would be understood that battery life is impacted and recordings would be overwritten with the latest recording once the sd card was full.


That’s exactly how the indoor cameras work. Not sure why this is so difficult. Record on detection only, stored to local sd, and base as backup. The 12s cloud videos might as well just be a photo. Battery performance should be little difference since it’s the same detection method already used for cloud.
The functions are all there basically. Just need a task that doesn’t expire.
I purchased the outdoor cams because I assumed they functioned the same way as the indoor ones.


Bingo! That makes perfect sense. I just returned ALL FIVE of my outdoor cameras for a full refund!

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Wyze Outdoor Wireless Cam

**I just installed my outdoor wireless cam and was expecting to record video like my wired garage cam does. I only get a still shot of the first motion captured, no video. Tech support advised that this was a former feature but is now only available with the cam + subscription. I am disappointed that this feature is not available for recording on my micro SD card with playback without incurring recurring fees.
Eugene, Chandler, OK.

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Please make continuous recording possible when Wyze solar panel is attached.

I have the outdoor V2 with a solar panel, so it’s always at 100%. I’d love to have continuous recording because battery life isn’t an issue.

It is an issue. Your solar panel would not be able to keep up with the discharge of continuous recording. It could maybe handle an hour or two a day if you had mostly sunny days, but beyond that it would need manual recharging every day.

It is at 100% because it sleeps most of the time, as most battery cameras do.

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If the cam can be powered by a solar panel, I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be powered by a USB power supply. All of the arguments about letting moisture into the cam is gone with your solar panel so come on Wyze, This would make the cam almost good with PIR motion detection, What would make Wyze relevant again would be a PIR cam with continuous recording.

That’s because the solar panel has the special connector that is needed to keep moisture out. :slight_smile:

You used to be able to buy a powered cable with a proper connector, but so far Wasserstein hasn’t replenished their stock. Of course even with this, you’d have to be careful not to allow charging below freezing (in the camera spec):


I’d like to see the “view Playback” option for outdoor cameras in the app just as the cam v3 and others

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You can play back event recording on the events page of the app is you have cam plus or cam plus lite.
You can play back recorded events from the SD card in the WCO version 2 also but::::
You need to set the camera up to do scheduled event recording to the card in the camera. To play back you have to open the camera on the app> tap MORE on the bottom right>tap Album and scroll up until you find Scheduled recordings. The you have to tap on the event recording which in turn will be downloaded to your device photo/video album and you can also view it on the app. Getting a WCO to do playback like the plug in cams will never happen in my opinion.

In the AMA this week, Wyze said this about this wishlist request:

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The app for Outdoor cams does not offer “View Playback” from the SD card. Instead, we are expected to view “Events” (on the app’s home page) from the Wyze server.

One reason we are given for not offering this is that continuous recording would eat too much battery life - even though the user could select “motion-only” recording. (And yet there is a work-around via “scheduled recording” that allows both motion-only and continuous recording.)

So, please allow the app for Outdoor cams to work the same way as the other cams, by allowing “View Playback” from the SD card on the Outdoor cam.

And let the user decide if they want long battery life with motion-only or short life with “continuous.”

Further, unless we know about the work-around, we are being required to store our videos on the Wyze servers. For privacy concerns, that should never be required, as long as there is an SD option.

    Thank you.      Art Lieberman
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I agree with your point 100%!

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Please add playback or continuous recording in WCO. I have plug in a Wyze Cam Outdoor Solar Panel to WCO so there won’t be any battery drain issue for long recordings.
Please give us this option.

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