Wyze Cam Outdoor Continuous Recording

Thanks for the info but personally I do not believe the outdoor cam is ready for market. As someone else stated that a security camera that does not record 24/7 isn’t really a security camera. They need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better outdoor camera that can (1) run on constant power maybe POE. And (2) be able to record continuous 24/7 until then I will use the outdoor cam as a baby monitor that’s all it’s good for.

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As a update to my post. I took the outdoor cam and set it up for vacation mode where you can use the camera with no internet access. I followed the instructions to set it up and it worked. I was in a rural woods area that has no power or internet or cellular. I disable my cellular network as per the instructions and was able to view the camera. HOWEVER. The outdoor cam failed to transmit a signal more than 20ft from wherever it was mounted making it again completely useless. This outdoor cam is just garbage and WYZE needs to understand that. I hope this is not the best they got or can do. I am totally disappointed

Yes please Wyze, this is definitely needed.

Not so much a feature request, but how about when an apology to us suckers who bought the current one, and free upgrade when a viable product which meets the reasonable expectations of this type of product is finally available.

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Not sure why everyone is having hardware issues. First off, this thing isn’t designed for 24 hr recording, it’s designed for placement where there aren’t any logical places for wires. To me if you want 24 hr wired outdoor recording, you’re better off with the new V3 camera coming out that costs less than half the price, especially if you’re near an outlet.

I’m using the Outdoor camera attached to a tree for an inconspicuous view invisible to most people and to supplement my wired cameras currently in use. The trick is just making sure when you place it that the green area on the bottom is stationary with little to no movement. For example, I have the green covering my entire patio floor, even though I have cars going down the street/tree branches in the background on the top half of the frame.

This camera to me is just a supplement to other wired cameras that will do the continuous recording, not a primary source of data. That being said, we should be allowed to increase event size from 12s to 1-2m, although I’m not sure if it’s just because I didn’t sign up for Cam Plus.

Yeah, I was a bit disappointed by the outdoor cam in a few ways. Not having the continuous mode option is one let down. I understand that battery life would suffer, but wouldn’t using something like Cam Plus be just as draining. You could enable motion detection recording to help maximize battery life. A wired option, such as POE, would also be nice. They could design an optional or integrated housing to allow for a wired connection option while still keeping moisture/dust out. While there is a scheduled recordings option that does something similar to continuous recoding, it is a bit more limited. At the very least, there should be an option to repeat the schedule automatically if desired, rather than having to remember to reset the schedule. I agree that the user should have the choice. There are many reasons why someone may want to use the outdoor camera in continuous mode.

I agree 1 million percent. Leave it up to the customer to decide the recording specifics on recording time and cool off period. For this primary reason I’m thinking about returning my devise and either getting a Blink or another Arlo (wire free is why I originally chose Arlos) or one of the wired Wyze cameras.

My motion doesn’t go off more than 10 times a day, if that, and it’s in a driveway I need to monitor. 12 seconds is only really 5 or 6 seconds due to the timing of the alert and when it begins recording and then there’s an entire minute where everyone who has set off my alert has already left the area. What someone can do in 1 minute - i.e. an intruder/thief etc - is unlimited.

Please make this happen. My son is all over the Wyze company. He’s got the robot vac the other vac and many cameras - all I want is to see who is on the driveway and I can’t.

Thank you in advance.

I would like the ability to record continuously without having to use the Schedule. Scheduling does not allow you to record continuously; it stops when the SD Card is full.

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This will never happen, the camera battery would die in minutes.

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I want to keep recording events continuously, not just stop after 30 days. I understand the SD card will overwrite. Can you add this feature to the camera FW? My home DVR allows me to just set the rules and overwrite past events as needed. This is the EXACT functionality I want for my Outdoor cam. I do not want to have to reset the scheduled recording every 30 days. I have the Outdoor cam powered so battery life is not an issue.

Probably a lot easier to replace it with a V3 in your case, rather than waiting in vain.

Good day it would be nice to have the continuous recording option for the outdoor cam when it is connected to an external power source like the solar panel now that you have that it is available for the outdoor cam. Or better yet able to schedule continuous recording let’s say during the day and event trigger during the night since no sun will be available to power the unit.

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Allow Wyze Cam Outdoor Constant recording when using Solar panel

With the addition of new Solar Panel being released for the outdoor camera having the option when the panel is installed to have the camera constant recording and or running more feature like the V3 cam would be great. Have it set that when the accessories panel is plugged in that it will allow for constant recording to the SD card and or recording to the base station sd card.


It is wonderful to keep track of things with continuous recording but my interim fix is to have outoor cam do time lapse. What might be a better fix is to have a secondary battery that can swap out easily or a solar panel that extends battery time.

Solar panels are readily available. I have one in my back yard. HOWEVER, if you have numerous cloudy days in a row, the battery can drain down. I was ASTOUNDED to learn that if the battery gets to 0%, it can not be recharged. I had my outdoor cam replaced under warranty for this reason.

This is a google search for solar panel Wyze outdoor cam.



Outdoor Cams options to continually record when using solar panels.

outdoor cams should have the ability to continuously record while on using solar panels.


Is that true?

As WYZE has added the ability of Outdoor Camera to remain FULLY CHARGED with their Solar Panel, it’s time to add the VIEW PLAYBACK OPTION if SOLAR PANEL is added!

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As WYZE has added the ability of Outdoor Camera to remain FULLY CHARGED with their Solar Panel, it’s time to add the VIEW PLAYBACK OPTION if SOLAR PANEL is added!

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Can Wyze Cam Outdoor allow continuous recording when connected to solar panel? Is it possible?

There is no power outside my house so Wyze Cam Outdoor is my only option for security recording. I have witnessed a crime on the street outside my house but the Wyze Cam Outdoor didn’t record anything. I feel like it’s not there when I need it the most.

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