Wyze Cam Outdoor cannot Pair to Base station

Hi All,

Running into issues getting the Wyze cam outdoor to pair to its Base station. This a slightly different issue than what I have found elsewhere on the forum.

I’m trying to run the Wyze Outdoor Cam v2 behind a Cradlepoint IBR600c (using a cellular connection to the Internet). I can get the Base station to connect normally, as the indicator led is solid blue (not intermittent or flashing at all), but I consistently cannot get the camera to pair with the base station as it fails everytime. I have connected the camera and base station to my home network without issues and have updated the firmware to the latest release, so I know the hardware is working and the firmware is current.

There is a simple firewall integrated into the Cradlepoint IBR600c, but it seems to be open to all outbound traffic.

Please help. Thank you

We were having issues connecting our outdoors base failing to bind with our network.

Step that wasn’t noted in the setup process:

Disable the network VPN.

Once we set our local area network VPN off, the outdoors base quickly bound with the LAN, and the camera finally worked.

We returned VPN to active mode and the camera still worked. Then switched from Ethernet cable to wireless, unplugged from the LAN, and the outdoors wireless base continued communication with the outdoors camera.

Hope this helps.

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