Wyze Cam OG not working with Verizon Jetpack

We have been using v3 cameras with the Verizon Jetpack with no problem for months. Events get created and uploaded to the cloud just fine.

I added OG cameras when they first came out and have been fighting with “Failed to upload” error with them ever since. Events do get created and show the correct AI detection (Person) but show 0 seconds for the length. v3 cameras still work just fine.

Today I deleted one of the OG cameras and added it right back to my home WiFi and events were uploading to the cloud just fine. Then I deleted it, added back, now on the Verizon Jetpack and “Failed to upload” is happening as expected.

The red light on the OG remains lit for a very long time after an event on the Jetpack, unlike on my WiFi. I connected my cell phone to the Jetpack and ran a speed test and got 24Mbps download and 8.9Mbps upload which should be more than enough to upload small test events.

Is anyone else having this issue or have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thank you!

First thought is that most cellular hotspots are VERY limited in the number of allowed connections (many are around five). Check to see what the allows connections limit is for your hotspot and see if you are hitting that limit.

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Good idea but I only have 2 devices connected and am able to view the livestream no problem.

The OG Cams were the first to use a new base OS for the firmware build so they act differently in some ways than the other cams. I wonder if there is a difference in the upload address or protocol that may be causing a security hangup in the router when it initiates an outbound upload. Does the JetPack have an admin portal to view the transaction history and security reports? Any ability to whitelist addresses?

It does have a local web server where you can log in and manage various settings but it does not have any logs nor the ability to whitelist addresses. I changed the DNS to Cloud Flare and tried disabling the firewall but it did not help. Port filtering and forwarding is disabled. I sent logs from the camera error to Wyze and hoping they will see something in there and have a fix for the issue.

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