Wyze cam OG - How to review events on phone with no SD card

I just purchased a Wyze OG camera. Added the device to my Wyze account. And just subscribed to Cam Plus. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and it does not have a SD card slot. When my phone notifies me that there has been motion detected, how do I review to see what created the motion? I get the notification and go to events, but all I see is a static picture. When I select the events tab the playback feature says I need an SD card,

Did you add the camera to your cam plus license in the app? So your events.in the event tab are just thumbnails?

I added the camera, then realized I couldn’t watch the event, Then ordered cam plus. I just have the one camera and 2 lights. Yes, all I can see are thumbnails. When I go to services and select cam plus, it lists my camera.