Wyze Cam OG - can't record to SD or 12 seconds?

I have a Wyze Cam v2 and I bought a new Wyze Cam OG for Xmas thinking it would be the same setup (but more advanced). I am now discovering that I cannot record to the SD card unless the internet is running AND it is not eligible for the Cam lite?!?!?
Am I misunderstanding something? Just wondering if this is a return item at this point.

I’ll touch on the CPL part of this now…

Unfortunately no. According to the Cam Plus Lite Services page, the OG is not currently compatible with CPL. Some more info:

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Thank you for the info. My guess is that everyone has already asked for this the Wyze is aware , but they are not rushing to fulfill it.

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If you have it set to continuous, it actually does continue recording to the card, the camera just saves the footage to a different file location that isn’t available to the app. You’d have to remove the SD card from the camera and view the footage on a computer.

Further info:

This is probably why it was on sale for $30. I’m considering returning it and spending more to get the regular wyze cam.