Recording to sd card on og vs v3 without internet

Why does the v3 record to the sd card when the internet connection is lost for hours but the og does not??? This feature on the v3 is very helpful. Also, timelapse doesn’t work on either without an internet connection but would be extremely helpful if it did.


The OG does continue to record to the microSD card, the current issue is after 30 minutes it starts to save the recordings in a different place on the microSD card so the card must be removed to view the videos.



Will it automatically over write or do they have to be deleted by hand?

Timelapse must have internet to work/start on time?


Normally the microSD card will automatically overwrite but I am not sure what will happen to the recordings that are put in a different spot. I have not tested what would happen to those.

Please let us know what happens to these “rogue” recording, and if we have to remove the SD card to manually remove them.

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About “when the internet connection is lost”… does it only apply to continue to record?

Would event recording also work if the Internet connection is lost?

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I believe it will but I have not tested it, but the same issue would apply that after 30 minutes the videos would get saved in a different folder and the card would need to be removed to see the videos.

v3 doesn’t record to sd card when there is no internet, too. :frowning: (it maybe in a different folder but I have not confirmed since it is in Prod and not very accessible)

@WyzeJasonJ Is there any update on a fix for this?

Obviously, it’s an issue if the Camera starts saving the video in a different location.

What’s the point of the app if i have to climb 20 ft on a ladder to pull an SD Card every time my wifi trips off. It’s storm season and power outages have already happened twice in April. (Cameras are on Battery Backup).

I miss my V2 with RTSP Private server and no internet access… :cry:

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