Wyze cam notification on/off settings not being stored in memory at times

On a few of my Wyze cam v3s, inside the app, it consistently believes event recording isn’t turned on, when it is, and therefore will not send notifications.
I can turn on notifications, and get the warning that I can’t turn on notifications until I enable event recording. Notifications work for a seemingly random amount of time, then when I notice events should be triggering notifications but are not, I look and notifications are again turned off in the app.

This has been happening for several months. One camera in particular is a baby monitor, and I depend on those notifications.
I can give more info as needed.

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Hey Clayton

I do this as a matter of course when changing settings - backing out to the Live Stream forces the app to touch base with the server in a way you can verify. Not ideal, but it gives me confidence that a changed setting has ‘stuck.’

The other ‘resets’ are worth a gander, too.

Re support, I prefer email - but whichever you choose, it can be useful to document your progress here. :slight_smile: