Wyze Cam Floodlight install

I picked up a couple floodlights since they were on sale. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will work for my house. My soffits are angeled and the arm that attaches to the v3 and sensor has very limited range to adjust. At max adjustment, the sensor points to the rear and the v3 almost straight down.

Has anyone made any modifications to the arm to adjust further? I wish Wyze would of allowed for more flexibility with the arm.

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That area is pretty well protected from a lot of solid moisture, atmospheric moisture would be a lot less pervasive for you. I think you would be okay to make a wedge mount, if you can find a good way to make a wedge kind of like a very big door stop that would angle it the way you need it to and then drill a hole through it, I think you would be able to mount it to the wedge having the wedge properly secured to the soffit assuming you have the structure there and from there it should be okay. But that’s just me it all depends on what you want to do. But with the wedge you could paint it and being that it’s not completely open to the elements I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about sealing it and stuff like that


Good idea! I’d be happy to just get it so the sensor was level. I’ll have to research to see if I can find something to do the trick.

Thanks Bam!

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Glad to help out where I can, I’m trying to think of some way to build something like this that would be really lightweight but I’m coming up kind of blank. Maybe look online and see if you can’t find somebody that would 3D print you something. That would be pretty lightweight


I searched but didn’t find much. I’m thinking about tring a large diameter PVC, cutting it with the correct angle. I’ll post pics if successful. Thanks


I gave up on the wedge idea. The issue was if using a wedge the mounting screw would not line up with the junction box. Plus I don’t think the v3 would hang low enough to get the field of view I wanted.

I still installed replacing a old floodlight, but had the v3 pointed to the side instead. I already had a v3 mounted under the gutter pointed in the same direction that I removed.

Thanks for the help.


With the V3 cam pointed to the side, haven’t you found the floodlights to not activate except for the side the V3 cam is pointed to?

I’m doing the same, and no matter what the settings, the cam has to pick up motion before the floodlights will turn on. Seems pointless for the PIR sensors to have 270deg field of view when it won’t activate unless motion is picked up by the cam as well.

I used the test sensor function and it did turn on the floodlights but I’m not getting the range I would like. I may mess with it more to try to get the sensor more level