Cam-v3-spotlight lock ring not securing camera and PIR sensor

I just installed the Cam-v3 spotlight and the lock ring won’t secure the camera and PIR sensor so it jiggles. I’ve read others have had the same problem. Any comments or suggestions?

Curious if you are talking about the Spotlight Accessory for the V3:


or the Wyze Flood Light?

What Locking ring? Can you provide a picture.

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Maybe I should have said floodlight? It’s the fixture with the two flood or spotlights that usually go over a garage, and has a built in V3 Wyzecam.

Yea that’s the floodlight. I didn’t have any issues with mine, but I think you can turn the lock ring to tighten it, is that not working for you?

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I understand. :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying.

I do know that there is a screw which is specific for the mounting and should allow the light to be snug against the box. I think it was in Package C, if you used the mounting bracket included with the light. If you use the existing bracket, you may need to use the old scre / bolt which screws into the existing mounting bracket.

Did you use all fo the items provided or just what you needed? Asking because on my light, I used the existing brackets and therefore used the existing screw. On my in-laws I used the one wyze provided and found I had to use the one contained in Package C (I seem to reacll that was the package needed)

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Yes, all items, including the enclosed bracket and screw were used.

The locking ring only tightens up to a point, not enough to snug up the camera and PIR sensor.

20220619_153515 (2)

From the picture it looks like it’s tight enough to hold itself up, what angle are you wanting and unable to achieve?

The angle is fine. I define it as a problem because there is a fair amount of up and down play because it isn’t snug and I worry that in strong winds it will jiggle and eventually become even looser. I just purchased a 2nd Cam-V3 Spotlight and will see if that one snugs up better.

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Did you buy the second floodlight and did the ring nut snug up the bracket better. Also cursious if you did any mods to it

I was unable to snug it up, and have done no modifications. The 2nd one was just slightly tighter. So far, no problems with them.

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I just ordered and installed two Wyze floodlights. They both have exact same problem, locking ring won’t lock the camera bracket tight enough. Not only that, 3 of 4 floodlights are not secure either. I can’t have them point to a higher angle. They will fall and stop at around 45 degree due to their own weight. Basically, there’s no friction to balance the weight at all. I have to tape them in place. Really disappointed.

I ran into the same problem. I think it’s a design flaw that could be easily addressed if Wyzecam would acknowledge it.