Floodlight Cameras

So I have to replace some outdoor motion detection floodlights - they rarely last more than a few years before the sensors crumble and/or the electronics fail.

There seems to be a relatively new product category for floodlights with built in cameras (or vice versa).

Wyze doesn’t seem to have anything in the pipeline?

The big names are already there - Ring has a model for a whopping 250 bucks.

If anyone has some more reasonable suggestions please let me know?

From my first round of research I’m attracted to this new “HeimVision” 3 Megapixel / 2K outdoor camera. Metal body, “human detection”, full duplex audio, and two spotlights in addition to IR LEDs. I don’t think it has a PIR sensor? They have both RTSP support and a whole raft of cloud options. This is the sort of thing Wyze should be doing instead of space heaters and plastic hats. My main concern is how to best power and mount it in place of the existing floods…


Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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You’d have to run new wires.

Yes and no? There’s a circular outdoor box the flood is mounted to. Since it’s on a circuit with a GFCI indoors I think I can just mount an outdoor outlet and cover, plug in the 12V adapter, and screw the camera base to… something.

You could mount an outdoor outlet like you said, then put a V2 in an outdoor housing.

Well yeah but why do that when I can get a higher resolution all-in-one floodlight plus camera for roughly the same price?

I know Ring floodlight cams are expensive but I absolutely love mine. I caught mine on sale for $199 over a year ago. It has been 99% trouble free. I have to say it is worth every penny. It installed easily using the existing wires from the standard porch light.

I wish Wyze would make a floodlight cam of their own. I’m sure it would be a hot seller for a much better price.


I am in total agreement with StopICU33. I currently own a Kuna floodlight cam. It works OK, but hasn’t had a firmware update since the day I installed it which lets me know Kuna isn’t doing much to improve their product. It doesn’t integrate with Alexa. I would gladly buy a Wyze floodlight cam to replace the Kuna in a heartbeat.