Wyze Cam & Fire TV Stick turn off Show Camera Name

I view my Wyze Cam on my Fire TV Stick occasionally and it works great . My only problem is the dark bars across the Top & Bottom of the picture while viewing. It looks the same as when you turn on “Show Camera Name” in the app , but I always have this feature turned off in the app, but it still shows on the Fire TV Stick.
On the Fire TV Stick it shows the camera name and a dark bar on top , and the Date & Time and a dark bar on bottom.
Is there anyway to turn off “Show Camera Name” on the Fire TV Stick ?
I’m attaching a picture of my Camera with “Show Camera Name” turned on in the app so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about. This picture is from the app not the Fire TV Stick , Taking a picture of the TV screen doesn’t really show it very well

Thank for the help

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Hi, need you help, i want see on my fire stick WYZE CAM V3, have 8 cams, but after a buy this hdmi device, howmany cams can i see?

so is the app installed on fire stick, can i use all features on wyze app, or only get permissions to alexa or using skills?