Wyze Cam as security camera in truck

I use a Wyze Cam in my truck as a security camera. It has been entered 9 times over the past few years, even with securty cameras and motion sensor lights visible all around it. So I placed cam inside the truck.
I ran a “dollar store” extension cord from the back bumper (Male end exposed), under the truck and into the cab. Camera cable plugs into extension cord. Another extension cord from my house connects to the cord at the bumper when I park the truck.
The only issue I have seen is that the camera does not work long and quits working. I have used four so far. Thank God the cameras are reasonably priced, and I don’t understand why they do not work long before quitting.
I even leave one of the old ones that doesnt work sitting on the dash now…I think just the presence of the camera visibly sitting on the dash is a deterent in itself!


For what it’s worth, I have been running the same V2 and V3 cameras in my pickup for years. They are plugged into a lighter plug to quad USB outlet adapter. The adapter is plugged into a full time powered outlet in the truck.


I like the idea. I particularly like the non-working sitting as a decoy.

If I were you, I would change out the Wyze power adapter. Its barely enough power. Look on Amazon for a 2 amp model. The Wyze factory one is 1 amp except the new V3 Pro’s which is 2 am.

I don’t use the Wyze adapters. Swapped them all out for 2/3 port 2.3 amp and have no issues.

You didn’t mention what you tried to see if they are dead or dead-dead.

I would also encourage you to put your ext cord on a WiFi plug or timer so it gets a restart at least once every 24 hours.