Use Wyse Cam V2 as Back Up camera for trailer connection

Bought a Wyze Cam v2 to try and use as back up camera to hitch my 1 ton van to trailers.
Took a little head scratching but here are the steps. Using Galaxy S7.

  1. turn off wifi on your phone.
  2. turn on mobile hotspot.
  3. Open Wyze app.

Your camera will connect automatically. I center the Wyze Cam on the rear doors, directly above the hitch and turn the image 180 degrees so the video will show the van hitch ball location as it approaches the trailer. Works as well as my old camera setup without the hassle.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks. A $20 camera that works for trailers is pure gold. And the imaging is better than the expensive ones.

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Should share a video of that new use for the camera.

Will do when the weather warms back up a little

Did you run long cable from charger/adapter inside truck cab, or use some sort of battery to power the cam?

If you are at home with strong wifi there’s no need to use the phone. I use the Hotspot on my galaxy s7 all the time as a habit since I hitch and unhitch my trailers away from home a lot. I think the Hotspot has better signal and produces less lag time.

I use a 6 foot USB witha little 2200 mh battery. Battery lasts a long time. I recharge it with the truck. No need to get fancy since the whole outfit is portable and small. Only takes a few seconds to focus the Wyze Cam. I don’t use it as a safety camera. Just makes hitching a trailer to my 1 ton extended body van MUCH easier. In fact I like it better than the expensive set ups I 've used in the past.

Very nice. any pics available? Thanks.

Basically bumping this back up.
I “need” a camera for backing up my 20’ equipment trailer. my 7x14 cargo trailer, my E350 Maxivan, my Ford F350 dually.
I’ve previously strung wired cams, used dual android devices, used a Reolink wireless IP.
This is the most elegant solution. I just tried it out, and I’m assuming it did hook to my phone wireless hotspot. not the house,

Very cool!
What kind of lag time (latency) are you seeing between camera and display? Does it feel like real-time, or do you see what’s happening a second or two after it happens?

I am looking to do the same thing and add my V3 Cam to the back of my trailer as a review view and backup camera.

If I use it as a rear view camera and have it viewed while driving, wont this just eat up all my data?
Can I connect both a phone and a camera to an access point (without internet) and have it connect point to point?

The problem is, when you have no service/internet, you can’t connect to it.
Wyze Cam Outdoor have travel mode. I wish the Wyze Cam V3 have travel mode.