How I used my Wyze Cam today. Trailer assistant ..thoughts?

So, I used it for something today that I wanted to share with the community. Im sure someone has already thought of this, but just in case… I thought I would share.

I created the video with my iPhone screen capture and I am lucky I had the wifi coverage to allow the camera to still work while in the street in front of my house.

Now, if the phone could directly connect to the camera if I am out in the middle of nowhere and need the same assistance that would be great. Also, this would enable me to attached to the back of my trailer while driving / backing up and that would be useful as well.

Thanks for the magnetic base!

Placed the video on youtube.


Very nice! :+1:

You should be able to use the cam away from your house too if you can transmit a hotspot from your phone. Of course YMMV on hotspot success, and the camera will need to be re-setup for the hotspot network.

Yup, they are great for that. And then you can also move it to the back of the trailer an use it to put the trailer in just the right spot.