Backup Camera for Vehicles

Would like a WYZE outdoor vehicle backup camera to mount on rear bumper or trailer hitch. Would connect to IPHONE & have lines on screen to show distance from closet object. Would be powered by 12 VDC

One of the problems with WiFi backup cameras is the lag factor. Especially when trying to line up a hitch. I replaced mine with a wired camera.

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yesterday, I managed to connect my WyzeCam to my mobile hotspot and use it as backup camera behind my fifth wheel. Was working great, except, distance lines option could be a must! As easy as adding a layer that can be customizer with custom distance.

Something like that:

Interested in a portable / movable backup camera that allows “driver to see what the camera sees” via Wyze App. Magnet to post camera near trailer hitch area for 1-person backing & hitch alignment.

Connects to iPhone for viewing without wifi requirement (bluetooth?).

Make it a battery and solar powered camera so that it can record any accidents and incidents (vandalism, break-in attempts) when you’re parked and away. Mounts on license plate. Front or back. Draws power from lights in front and back of the vehicle if solar isn’t enough to operate the camera 24/7. It needs to work without a hub.

This can have other applications besides a security camera for your vehicle, such as functioning as an outdoor security camera around your home by mounting it on a fence and recharges itself.

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A bluetooth connection to view would be great.

I have a v3 in my rear window (truck) that records when not on wifi. Have it plugged into a 12v connector that runs 24/7. Unfortunitly i dont have internet on my work phone, so i cant use hotspot.