Wyze cam 4 basic plan got worse?

i upgraded from gen 1 cam and now the basic plans for the gen 4 is pretty much useless with snapshots only? doesn anyone know if adding the sd card will allow recorded events without the premium plans?

Yes, it works great with the SD card. The snapshot is now mostly a convenience for the notification, then you link to the actual recorded event on the SD card and can view it that way. I was trying this out all weekend with one of my V4’s.

The benefit with the SD card is it doesn’t have a cooldown for recording (just for notifications) and will record way longer than 12 second clips, so it’s honestly better than using the old cloud method you’re used to with all the limits.



im still not able to get video recording even with sd card

When you say that you’re “not able to get video recording”, does that mean that the camera isn’t actually recording to your microSD card or that you haven’t been able to view playback of your recording(s) or something else entirely? If you could provide more detail about what you’re attempting to do and the steps you’re taking, then that will help us to help you.

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i guess it just continuously records now instead of recording events only

If you have a microSD card inserted in the camera, then you should be able to choose:

  1. From your camera’s live view, tap the Settings :gear: in the upper-right.
  2. On the Settings screen, tap Advanced Settings.
  3. On the Advanced Settings screen, make sure Record to MicroSD Card is toggled on (green), and below that you can tap Continuous or Events Only to select between the two.
  4. You might also want to tap Manage MicroSD Card while you’re here to make sure the camera is reading the card’s capacity correctly and actually using space on the card to store recordings.

You probably also want to go back to the main Settings screen and check out the Detection Settings and Event Recording items to ensure that those are set according to your preferences.

I’m not sure if that answers any of your questions or points you in the right direction, but I hope it’s helpful. Please post some follow-up if we’re not getting you toward your goal with the new camera.

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im only able to use “other motion” feature. what does that all include?

My understanding of the “Other Motion” detection is that it’s the generic pixel-differentiation-based detection available in Cam v3:

How motion detection works

Wyze Cam v3 detects motion by comparing pixels changing between video frames. “Motion” is recorded when large clusters of pixels change over time. This large cluster can mean a small object moving close to the camera, or a big object moving farther away (like a tree blowing in the wind).

You can’t select other types (specific AI-based/interpreted) of motion or sound detection unless you have a subscription. Those options remain disabled without a plan.

For now, I’ll spare you my detailed opinion about Wyze’s messaging regarding “free” Person Detection on Cam v4 and just say that I’m disappointed. Having said that, though, I operate all of my Wyze cameras (including Cam v4s) without paid subscription plans and with microSD cards installed, and I’m generally pleased with the performance and value, even with being able to detect only “Other Motion”.

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