Wyze Cam 3 wont connect to Obi Satellite

Hey all,

I’m having issues with the camera connected to the satellite, connects fine to the base station, but wont switch.

How do I force it?

I’m a bit confused. The are you talking about the orbi router and satellite? Or are you talking about the Wyze base station for the outdoor camera?

The base station is only for the outdoor camera, not the V3. And the outdoor camera does not connect directly to wifi, only to the base station.

As far as I know there is no way on the orbi system to direct devices to the router or the satellite (I have an orbi as well).


When setting up camera from app, do so at the satellite Orbi. Delete current camera in app and start over at that Orbi.

I use Orbi’s for my WiFi mesh system, don’t have any issues

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I did try that yesterday, well I thought I did. Ill delete the camera fully and start again.

Let you know :slight_smile:

When I said base station, I meant the router :slight_smile:

Gotcha. With my orbi, there isn’t a way to direct a connection to the satellite or the router. That’s all handled automatically by the router, I’ve found.


But it just wont swap the connection, it just keeps trying to connect to the router and wont connect to the satellite, which is line of sight to the camera. maybe two meters and is working, has other devices connected to it.

Ill delete the whole camera and try again, see it works.

But good to know that it “should” work as designed and is for other people


My orbi system doesn’t do the automatic thing very well, to be honest. I’ve got my satellite upstairs and my router downstairs. My doorbells are working off the satellite rather than the router. And some devices that are upstairs are connected to the router.

I actually just bought an eero mesh system, because my phone and the orbi hasn’t been playing nice in the last couple of months with constant disconnects. The satellite has issues… So I’m going to try something different. It gets here Thursday and I’m hoping that solves some of the issues I’ve been having and if so, I’m going to see about returning the orbi which is less than a year old.

This is ridiculous,

I did a factory reset, nothing changed. Took the other camera out of the kitchen outside and it did the same thing.

Just to be clear this is a unit anyway, so the router is prob only 5 or 6m away to start. the satellite is literally only a 1.5m away and its too stupid to switch.

I have ESP32s with firmware that some guy in his basement made and they can switch between router and satellite… why can’t this thing?

Ill open a ticket I guess

I’m have no experience with Orbi, but could this possibly be an issue with the router? If the camera still has a good enough connection to transmit data over the WiFi, it won’t connect to a different access point or satellite. I have had sim issues with non-Wyze devices and a wireless range extender, maybe it’s similar. @towelkingdom have you experienced anything like this before?

Thanks for that,

I dont think its the Orbi, there are other devices on the satellite, including ESP32s that had no issues switching to the satellite.

The camera is out of range, its flashing blue on start up (I’m assuming that’s what it means) or normal red if the device is closer to the router.

In theory you’re correct. I am almost 100% sure my orbi is defective, and that is why I just bought a different mesh system.

I also found that the orbi router and satellite doesn’t work well if they are too close together. According to some community forums, the router and satellites need to be about 30 feet apart for best experience. Any closer, and there seems to be issues.

The AP a device (camera, PC, etc.) chooses to connect or roam to is almost entirely under the control of that device. There’s not a whole lot the wireless network can do to force it.


Did you find a fix? I have the exact same issue I posted here.