Base station wont connect to Orbi satellite

I have a Netgear orbi mesh network. Model number rbr750 with 2 satellites.
Via the Ethernet cable the Wyze base station will ONLY work/connect to the router.
The Wyze will NOT connect to either satellite. Why? And it used to!

I also have an RBR750 with 2 satellites. I don’t have a Wyze base station, but I do have mulitple cameras (different versions… V2, V3, V3Pro , PanCamv1 & PanCamv3. I also have multiple other equipment tied to my Orbi (Sonoff Switches for gate, & garages), TVs, Tablo, Firesticks, Roku, etc… I have found the Orbi is usually the culprit when the camera’s cannot connect.

So back to your issue… you are using Ethernet, when you plug the base into the satellite with the Ethernet it doesn’t connect?

Yep and on 2nd cable

And the satellite you are plugging the Ethernet cable into is connecting to the main Orbi Router? Make sure it’s not “Out of Sync”… check the ip address of the satellite, make sure it’s not (that’s the default address if it can’t sync). If it is synced correctly to the router, it’s beyond me…

yes my home network is syncd. i also have a arlo base station and that works fine connected/cable to a satellite. I moved the wyze station back to the main router - that works.

Ok… I’m above my paygrade on this one… Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Looks like you’ve done everything you could…

Yep, a “fun” brain teaser.